Self Control

There is a part in our brain near the frontal lobe which controls our rationality & prevents us from doing impulsive and emotional acts. This part also controls one more thing in us, self control!

 In classic studies of self-control that he conducted in the 1960s, Walter Mischel investigated whether children could refrain from eating one marshmallow now to get two later. What he found was that the kids who waited for two marshmallows did better in school and on their SATs as adolescents, and ended up with better self-esteem, mental health, relationship quality, and income as adults.

Recently it has also been published that there is a relation between self-control in the society and the violence level in the society. It was witnessed a thirty times drop in murders between the medieval and modern periods, and this, he argues, had much to do with the change from a culture of honor to a culture of dignity, which prizes self control.

What are your views on this?

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