People are stupid in your field

People do not know what they want. They barely know what they need, but they definitely do not know what they want. They’re conditioned by the limited imagination of what is possible.

I know I need a chair to sit upon. But I do not have the time, acquired skill or understanding to make a chair, appropriate with ergonomics, quality and design, for my needs. I am not a chair-maker. I am conditioned by the limited imagination of the chairs I have seen.

Now, think if you as a chair maker realized this. It, automatically, is your moral duty to bring upon the world, chairs that YOU think I need.

If you were starting out, you would do market-research etc. and find out that common-household Indian plastic chairs sell the most. You will suppose it is what people need the most. But, really it is just what people want, choosing from the pool of exiting chair designs. Dig deeper. Find out the real need. How are people actually using those chairs ? Then make that chair. Add 1 to the pool. It is the hardest step but strive for it. Don't do market research, because people are stupid in your field. They are not chair-making expert, as you are. .

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