Why would somebody sell bitcoins?

People can own any kind of money in three ways : buy it, earn it, produce it.

If you are a bitcoin business you will never dump your bitcoins. If you are truly a business and not just some rich guy who jumped on a opportunity market, then the reason you are running that business is because you believe that people would actually use bitcoin. And if so the value is bitcoin is bound to rise.

If I am a true bitcoin business I will keep as much as I can in bitcoin and use it as a currency. You ought to convince the person you are dealing with to accept bitcoin because you convinced the same to yourself when you started this business.

Same applies for individuals who earned it. They asked their bosses to pay them in bitcoin and specifically not fiat for god's sake. Why would they then wanna sell it? Cause it inflated overnight? These earners believe in bitcoin and thus spend them and not dump them, in the process even teaching their sweeper how to run his own bank. For a bitcoin earner, a pump is like a flipkart sale, Only this could be as much as 500% off !

If you are a miner again the above logic applies.

Only if you bought a bitcoin then, the  matter of observing selling price is simply too dynamic a variable to be anything more than survey of trade. Those who will sell bitcoins, will re-buy.

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