I beg you

Rhetoric and reality, seldom in concert
Shit, all of you so overt!

All saw the movies. ‘Rang De Basanti’ , ‘Gulaal’ , ‘Yuva’.
But you aren’t an adrenaline junkie. Ya, those movies stirred you and you felt high. You felt like doing something for the country. For the community. Maybe you even cried. But hey! You no junkie right?! So you won’t just go and work for an edifice. Building upon what you thought. Besides, those are just movies, aren’t they?

I don’t recognize your anger; I don’t see your dreams
I don’t know what you want to be. Oh! I do. A mere faction of personality

My generation inherits freedom. So what do I fight for?
Moreover I never was a slave. Hence, my generation, I don’t value liberty.
I am angry. I don’t see a happy hamlet. I try to analyze the cause.
As it turns out, I am the root!

I now know what bleeds my nation. It has always been fighting for truth. That is the requisite.
I need to save truth.
Need to fight against dishonesty.

Corruption eats my country. So deep you can’t get under it.
I know my enemy. Can you suggest me the ordnance? I beg you...


  1. Ah ! the signs of a nearing Independence day ! :P ... go to a nearest gig .. mosh ! shelve the truth ... we are meant to be this way :)

  2. yea man ..i know...what are the details of Irock in delhi...?