The mango stories (V): naked encounter

We had an old guy named 'mahant' who used to pass by the kuchha road that went through our mango garden, on his 'redha' pulled by a bullock. Although nobody in the Indian countryside cares, Mahant used to scold us about bathing naked in open. Even as kids it was disrespectful. But even we didn't care. Everyday he would pass by our motor, catch us having fun bathing naked and would give a lecture. The party continued,with more vigor however, after he left.

So like everyday, one hot sumer noon he rode by and watched our clothes hanging on a branch nearby. He decided to teach us a lesson. So he held out his stick, and grabbed our clothes and after passing by a 50 yards or so he shouted,"Nange gumna ab.."(Roam around naked now...). We were stunned. Only one underwear remained. Chabba's. However me being the swiftest of the runners had to be the one to chase. So I got into that underwear and ran after Mahant, my left hand trying to hold the 'naala'(rope to fasten the underwear).

It wasn't till the next village, and a 3km sprint that I was able to catch him. When I turned back I saw Rave, Kachchu and Chabba following me. I wonder whether they realized they had ran through a village, nude.


  1. tu hi sabse tez kaise ho sakta hai..?

  2. ha ha, coz i was the eldest...
    and hey anyways I run very fast(or at least when the choice is to go home naked...)

  3. Amazing tales with brazen earthy feel to it.
    Loved the pictures and the narration along with it.

  4. matlab... bas... kuch nahi......-sudhanshu

  5. thanks...@punk princess


  6. well you don't know what happened to us while you were gone