Shiva and Dimensions : If only we had one more eye.

Tripping on some maths stuff these days.

Last night I had this dream. Well, before I come to it, try this...

Close one eye, bring your hands up from your sides and touch your forefingers together. The odds are you might not be able to do it as correctly as with both eyes open. Reason is we need both our eyes for the perception of depth/distance.
In my dream, I was thinking this.
-To see 3 dimensions we need two eyes. (Our exercise above proved it.)
-To see only 2 dimensions (like a cartoon movie) we need only one eye.

Hence, to see in 4 dimensions, we just need a third eye! Now who has 3 eyes. Shiva does! And...Vishnu has 4 eyes!!! That means Shiva could see the fourth dimension, which is time! Hence the name 'Mahakaal' (kaal means time in hindi!).

So, I woke up and ran a search into the sense of dimensions in 'Vedic Mathematics'. What I found was was very startling. In vedic maths, they say, Space has only two dimensions, and Time has 3 dimensions of its own, giving a total of 5!!!

The ancient Indian literature has given a very intriguing explanation of dimensions (which is mathematical and I won't bring it up here) in the 'Atharvaved'.

If you wanna read more, try googling 'manasar'.

Evolution into 3 eyes... and we could feel time.

( Maybe this is what they meant when saying 'smoking ganja takes you to other dimension' )
Can you see the third eye on this sadhu? Its called 'Niyam'.

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