Why would somebody sell bitcoins?

People can own any kind of money in three ways : buy it, earn it, produce it.

If you are a bitcoin business you will never dump your bitcoins. If you are truly a business and not just some rich guy who jumped on a opportunity market, then the reason you are running that business is because you believe that people would actually use bitcoin. And if so the value is bitcoin is bound to rise.

If I am a true bitcoin business I will keep as much as I can in bitcoin and use it as a currency. You ought to convince the person you are dealing with to accept bitcoin because you convinced the same to yourself when you started this business.

Same applies for individuals who earned it. They asked their bosses to pay them in bitcoin and specifically not fiat for god's sake. Why would they then wanna sell it? Cause it inflated overnight? These earners believe in bitcoin and thus spend them and not dump them, in the process even teaching their sweeper how to run his own bank. For a bitcoin earner, a pump is like a flipkart sale, Only this could be as much as 500% off !

If you are a miner again the above logic applies.

Only if you bought a bitcoin then, the  matter of observing selling price is simply too dynamic a variable to be anything more than survey of trade. Those who will sell bitcoins, will re-buy.


Self Control

There is a part in our brain near the frontal lobe which controls our rationality & prevents us from doing impulsive and emotional acts. This part also controls one more thing in us, self control!

 In classic studies of self-control that he conducted in the 1960s, Walter Mischel investigated whether children could refrain from eating one marshmallow now to get two later. What he found was that the kids who waited for two marshmallows did better in school and on their SATs as adolescents, and ended up with better self-esteem, mental health, relationship quality, and income as adults.

Recently it has also been published that there is a relation between self-control in the society and the violence level in the society. It was witnessed a thirty times drop in murders between the medieval and modern periods, and this, he argues, had much to do with the change from a culture of honor to a culture of dignity, which prizes self control.

What are your views on this?


People are stupid in your field

People do not know what they want. They barely know what they need, but they definitely do not know what they want. They’re conditioned by the limited imagination of what is possible.

I know I need a chair to sit upon. But I do not have the time, acquired skill or understanding to make a chair, appropriate with ergonomics, quality and design, for my needs. I am not a chair-maker. I am conditioned by the limited imagination of the chairs I have seen.

Now, think if you as a chair maker realized this. It, automatically, is your moral duty to bring upon the world, chairs that YOU think I need.

If you were starting out, you would do market-research etc. and find out that common-household Indian plastic chairs sell the most. You will suppose it is what people need the most. But, really it is just what people want, choosing from the pool of exiting chair designs. Dig deeper. Find out the real need. How are people actually using those chairs ? Then make that chair. Add 1 to the pool. It is the hardest step but strive for it. Don't do market research, because people are stupid in your field. They are not chair-making expert, as you are. .


entertainment of our times

What are these scars from?” she asked. 
“They’re battle wounds,” I replied. 
She looked at me for a long time. 
“Who were you battling?” 

Above quote is from Winnie the Pooh.
Even cartoons have their dark sides .



Thoughts are like shadows

Thoughts are like shadows.
They need a light of an event to be cast and their texture depends on the reason why they came into existence.

Thoughts are like shadows. There is no thought without event. There is no thought when there is event all around you.

Thoughts are like shadows. Always empty and in unicolor.

Thoughts are like shadows. Once perceived, it can be cast on any surface.

After the artist has done its work, the thoughts vanish. Only traces of those thoughts created by the artist is saved in its periphery.


Attracted to complexity

I think I am like everyone in liking things that are complex and beautiful.

Patterns are generally pretty. But they are regular.
But the opposite, where beauty  is found in irregularity and non-patterns is what attracts me. (us?)

Even so with people.
In fact, more so.

I am immediately attracted to pretty looking complex person. I leech up on them as puzzlers to mysteries and I am absolutely restless until I figure them out. Find all the pathways and hidden tunnels and most importantly the reason why they were formed. To know how, additionally, is just humane  fun.

Once I have figured out a person, why they are as they are and how can I manipulate them, they stop attracting me.

I leave them. Appeal is gone.



We spend one-third of our lives sleeping.

Is it a waste of time?

We seek to be awake for more & more time.
And utilize that time for activities.
Activities, that are supposed to be a reason for living.

They say, you are 'asleep forever' when a person dies.
You don't know that!
What if I don't get to sleep?

Depressed people sleep more, shrink said.
Maybe, I say, but they are not the only ones.

When I am awake I do creative activities, creating things, drawing, writing.
When I am sleeping I create dreams.
Everyone knows that they are in a dream. Dream is one's own piece of art.

Who are you to decide ?


No Reason

My chachi ran away.
She was cheating on my uncle.

Him a truck driver like most of my uncles.

Chacha had 3 kids.
She left with two.


My cousin grew up at bua's.
He lives at the old village house where my Dada used to live.
Rohit is old enough and a working man now.


My mother and Rohit talk on phone regularly.

"Taayiji, ik vaar taan ohna nu milan jaana ae main.."
[ I want to meet them (his sis bro & mother) once ]


laces & zips

is in the details.
the reveal is
bit by bit;
soaking in
all the perfection
and there is so much
of it,
it flows.
Slow reveal
bit by bit;
of the laces;
making their
the reveal is
bit by bit;
is in the details.


Beauty in Chaos

Why does anything look beautiful?
No its not aesthetics. Aesthetics are nothing. Its just the associativity of our brain.

Children are taught orderliness and advocated beauty in shapes and symmetry. Boundaries refine and colors define. And that is how art is. Although such a perception originated from nature, it is quite possible that in an alien race (or perhaps one alienated from rest of humans) surrounded by chaotic nature, finds beauty in chaos.

Strangely, this reminds me of India.