Valentine Gifts

Mom called up. She asked me what did I get for my girlfriend. It seemed weird.
I said why should i tell you? and why do you want to know it?

She said because she wanted to buy a different gift this year for dad, and thought i was creative. I said I wanted my gift to be unique and so wont tell her (the reality,however, was that i still hadnt got one).

Mom called up in the evening. She gladly (which was oozing in her voice) told me she had got a pair of love birds and a hankerchief. I said nice, unique and wierd. She said 'huh' and hung up the phone.

In the evening I gave my valentine a poem, written on dry rose petals (press flattened by keeping it in my diary for a month), in and empty glass bottle of a vodka quater. I had added to it a drop of perfume.

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  1. Cool! A truly unique gift I must say. I'm stealing your idea for next year's Valentines! :P