The man without a soul

Dispirited vitality, dawned individuality

Demur compunction, no psyche

The man of no conscience

Ministers serfdom

For when the fat slavery rout starving freedom

Sacrilegious breach of trust

Derogatory of our own honour

Patiently endured (by the zealots of liberty?)

The man without soul survived…

Licking the soles of the prevalent

Lazy ignorant or slave of fear

Physical compulsion or spiritual dare

Servant of flesh or jus a living dead

Or a mother: a drudge

A grind ready for all the menial deeds

For since ages, this is how he feeds

Wake up

The minion

Let emancipation strike

at the heart of rebellion

Wake the man without a soul

For the future, sans ghoul

Let subdue these acts of tyranny

To escape the monotony of the mind

Let all that crave for manumission converge

And strike…

And break those shackles

For then would cease to merely exist

You shall have your voice, and wield your fist

And for then you shall know why the sheep

Thanks the shepherd, and the wolf denounces the same

(c) copyright


  1. it's nice wid good many words's thoughtful...n i think d wrds hv been used beautifully.....this can be included in english curriculum...4 say 11th-12th students...nicely done.

  2. wat does ministers serfdom mean...???shudnt it be minister's serfdom??

  3. i luvd d comparison of the sheep and d wolf....nice mataphor used...

  4. That metaphor was in Abraham Lincoln's speech...thanks a lot....and minister means to support mistake there...thanks

  5. hey, good one..i am a fellow blogger..i have written a few poems....please view my blog and please post comments on it..