Emotional Memory

I always thought I had some 'emotional memory'.
By it, I mean, simply that I remember the emotions that I go through. And when other are in same situation I can feel their happiness/pain/anger.

Recently certain events occurred in lives of my close friends. They looked very familiar to me. Some of them (events) I had actually been through.

So I thought I understood the events. And I understood my friends. And hence I knew what they were going through.

Now the worst part. All of them looked too emotional too me. Like they were overacting or something. I thought they were reacting too much, to a relatively regular event.

Its not that I didn't help. They are my friends and I want them happy. But I didn't connect. I didn't feel their pain. So I also tried to console them.
See. When your near ones are sad, you approach in two ways mostly. Either you are sad with them and curse in unison, "Fuck it man..". Or you oppose them by consoling them, "Don't worry. Its not so bad. There are other options like....".
I found myself following the latter lately. In fact, I found myself incapable of the former.

It struck me that I was heartless or something. Like less human. That I had no emotional memory...

It continued for too long to alarm me. I tried talking to people, but was incapable. You know, if i had talked to people, I would have been contrary to my own belief !! (that of overreacting)

But it was driving me crazy. Crazy to the point that I burst up in front of someone. And it was the best that could have happened. That person gave me a very good suggestion that brought me out...

She said, "Sukhvinder .. People have different emotions in same situations & every person feel same emotions differently..."


(And now I know, I am just an emotional toddler. Many emotions, I yet have to feel.)



  1. WTF ! emotions are for sissies traying fr p*ssies .... cme back to the club , i m lonely :(