Afraid of the Dissimilar

Humans are generally afraid of the dissimilar.
Its a mind set. Applies to most.
You see something different from you, you are scared of it.

Not only does this apply to things , but also to people. You see a person different from ones you have being living with you get afraid. Its a form of racism.

I asked this from some people :
Why do people get scared of people who are different?
Some answers are as follows ..

Ritsuka : ♥ isnt it the ones who try to be all the same that are scary..?

Mm : Yes, I agree with you, the scariest people are the ones who try so hard to be status quo. In doing so, they shun anything and everything around them that doesn't look, smell or in anyway typify their ideal of normalcy. These people are definitely at odds with the world because we are all unique and different from one another and you just cannot change that or cover it up no matter how hard you try.

So you might as well just relax and realize that you are different and come to terms with it and learn to like who you are instead of trying to be something you are not.

KjKg : Because people like patterns, and they like things that are the same. When something's different, they're like, "Whoa! I can't predict how this person's going to act! Or what they like!" And maybe they don't want to go through the trouble of figuring them out, or they're just scared of what they don't know and can't predict.

NwyeKid : i dont get your question. i mean, people are scared of what they dont know. so if someone is different and they're too much of an ass to learn, they just judge what they dont even know. like my parents. they judge some of the music that i like that they dont know crap about. (punk rock)

Little Red Dragon : because people fear what the don't understand... and wot man truly fears is fear itself...

I would say... "I fear nothing..." but that would be a total lie... everyone fears something... (even religious people feel fear... the fear of their gods and goddesses...)
take Batman Begins for example: in the film Bruce Wayne feared "bats" and so created his alter-ego... so that criminals would experience the same fear he had endured when he was a child...

but now that I think about it people hated me when I was in school and so... I guess that was coz they knew I had Autism and I was the only one who neva knew until I turned 13 (or was it 15? - I can't remember...)
truth is... fear is wot ruins lives... and plus it makes u feel like u r worth less than b4...

so I believe that change is good...
just think in a few years time we could be living with cat people and bat men and woteva else - hell I wouldn't give a damn wot they look like just as long as they are good ppl at heart... u kno?


So we have some insight there. People fear something they cant predict.

What is normal? Its an average of the behavior. But it is just what it is. An average. No one is normal.


  1. I have lived with Egyptians, Lebenese, Syrians, Pakistani's, Chennaites, Andhra, Mumbaikars.. etc .. every one is different from my culture,,, but in the end we are all same.


  2. @santosh: Yeah true, absolutely. Everyone is same and different in their own unique way.