The Thums Up logo story : a good tea time talk

My dad has 2 dear friends. Since they live very far away (opposite ends of India) they don't visit often. But I remember them from my childhood often coming over for tea. My dad tells me these are the most naive guys he's ever met and loves talking to them, his best tea-time-talk companions from 2 decades ago.

This afternoon they visited us. Although both of them work in very faraway places, but coincidentally they had to make an official trip to Delhi at the same time (we stay 3 hrs from Delhi,at Karnal.). Enough talks let me jump to the story ...

Tea was served, 'चुस्की's relished, and talks began.

The 'Thums Up' logo story:
Gogi Uncle: Yeah me loves 'em trains too.
Dad: A train travel is always relaxing to the body
Jammu Singh Uncle: ..and those amazing sights ! Nothing beats that .. and chai..
Dad: Yes, greenery & hills always soothes the mind
Jammu Uncle: Yeah. India is so great. White huge mountains in North, green enchanting hills in South.
Me: Hanji, I love the tunnels that the trains go through while traveling to south.
Gogi Uncle: Oh! beta do you know Manmad hills?
Me: Of course Uncle, made famous by a natural top like the thums up logo, I've seen in often during my train travels.

For the readers, here is the view of Manmad hills ..

Dad: And do you know they are natural!
Me: wow. nice
Gogi Uncle: Yeah, my brother was very lucky to have seen them.
Me: and how sir?
Gogi Uncle: Oh coz he designed the Thums Up logo and got a job.
Me: He did what!?
Gogi Uncle: Oh, it was a competition in the newspaper. Coca Cola had withdrawn from India. So there was a hunt of substitutes. 'Double seven' was my drink. It was good. Then 'Parle' launched a drink and invited names and logo, in the form of a competition. The prize was 1000Rs.
Me: How much is 1000 by today's rate.
Gogi Uncle: A hell lot. A Thums Up bottle did cost 40 paise. So 'kaku' made this lame Thums Up logo, and we mocked it, including he himself. And it won! he also got a job in Thums Up. Now he lives in Bombay.

Moral: We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.

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