The mango stories(III): precious ass

"I have an idea for a hit movie. It will be called 'The Mango People'.", exclaimed my brother, Rave.
"Hmm...", me replied, wondering though, " What kind of title is that!? ".
"Its a story about the common Indian public."

Only after a couple of days while I was sitting in the bathroom that I realized the meaning of his joke. 'Mango people' when translated to Hindi meant 'Aam Aadmi'. I laughed alone looking foolish and praising Rave for his great sense of humor, while I continued my job.

Now as I came out of the toilet(...ya ya,excessive mango treat affects,those were) I saw him with his pants down! His face looked as if he had got his weenie caught in the flier. And his ass was all red! It was a hilarious moment and I couldn't stop laughing.(Sorry for my inconsideration....haha!). "What happened dear?" I spoke through my laughs.

"We went out to the mango gardens. Had a lot of them. And so the 'natural' pressure built up ", he replied,in a sore voice. My laughs grew, "Okay,so?". "So to release out that pressure we shit in the farms and to wash, we went to the pond." "Nice.So what happened?" "While we were there at the pond, we started having some fun in the water. Everyone started swimming. As I was the only one who didn't know how to swim, I climbed on a buffalo's back who was swimming in the pond. It was a like a boat ride."

"It sounds like fun. But come to the point.", said an excited I.
"Well,you know...", his voice grew terrible,"..a buffalo's hair is thin and hard.Like a pin.And I have got a hell lot of them all over my ass right now!!"

I literally fell on the floor laughing!!! A faint voice said,"can you help me take them out,please?".


  1. ROFL ! Now thats a precious ass ! hahaha ! good read !

  2. The same unwanted built came across mine own ass when I was adoloscent!!!
    I couldn't realise the value that time.
    Ha ha ha..

  3. @ ish well thank god that you have an elder brother who's a blog writer

  4. Laughing my Ass off ! rotflmao ! ...funny!